P L E A S I N G      A L L      P A L A T E S

About Us

We, at Pallet Pleasa want to provide food that is nutritious, delicious and convenient to handle.‚Äč The variety of options available to you are made completely by us with the exception of most breads/rolls/wraps. Once your order is placed with us and your date is set, we source your fresh ingredients, make/bake on the day & deliver to your door.


Experienced chef and pastry cook Guy & Xenia, combine their talents to come up with mouth watering food combinations that are sure to tempt your palate. Our marinades, sauces, and condiments are all made by us lending unique flavours to each dish. Chargrilled and pickled foods complete your taste sensation. The emphasis on nutrition is important & when possible, we choose organic ingredients.

Pallet Pleasa regards each option as a means to energising you to perform your day's tasks ahead or to enhance that special event.

The easy order format makes choosing your food options a breeze. We understand that price is a big factor when deciding what to order for your next function, so Pallet Pleasa offer choices that suit every budget. 

From the Press


Michael & Michelle Foote - for their daughter's 18th Party.

"We are so excited about the menu, a good mix and very YUMMY. Everyone loved the food!"


The Hawksburry News - September Issue, 2018.

"Creative cookery in the Hills. Home style baking with touches of restaurant elegance make Guy's & Xenia's food truly enjoyable."


Gerald & Greta Torres - for their infant daughter's 1st birthday.

Guy & Xenia did an amazing job on the food for our daughter's 1st birthday. It was absolutely delicious and filling. Everyone enjoyed it & continued to go back for more!"